Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vintage Costume Jewelry History Designers

I didn't realize Utube would be a place for videos concerning vintage jewelry. Much to my surprise, I discovered this one yesterday. It's a wonderful video about the history of Vintage Costume Jewelry designers, such as Schiaparelli, Hattie Carnegie, Vendome, Miriam Haskell, Marcel Boucher, Hobé, Weiss, Eisenberg, Kenneth Jay Lane, Florenza, Trifari, Mazer, Weiss , Stanley Hagler, Mazer, Coco Chanel, Renoir Matisse, and others.

The video discusses the popularity of costume jewelry after World War I, when precious metals and gemstones became scarce. The video even discusses bakelite jewelry, copper, and jelly belly jewelry. The author of the video, Gail Gupton, talks about most of the major vintage jewelry desginers, and gives some dates and design styles that they used.

It is a great video and well worth taking the time to listen to it.

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