Thursday, January 1, 2009

Giving Jewelry as a Gift

At gift giving time, when the recipient is a woman, it is all too easy to opt for flowers and chocolates. While both are nice gifts (and I do love chocolate), there is no permanence to them. The chocolates will be eaten and blooms on the flowers will wither with time.

Instead, choose a timeless gift - a piece of jewelry. And what is more timeless than vintage jewelry? It has withstood the test of time, is highly collectible and so beautiful and well made.

Can't decide on the jewelry piece? Let the recipient be your guide. Most women choose jewelry in the same way they choose clothes - according to their own tastes. So think about the way she dresses and choose a piece that will compliment that style.

Is she a romantic, "girly girl" type? Then perhaps a shell cameo, or lovely glass flower brooch would make a nice choice. They are very feminine, highly collectible and my personal favorite.

It the person a no nonsense, no frills type of person? There is nothing like sterling silver in a simple style to appeal to a women who in not into extravagant jewelry. Perhaps a simple sterling silver chain or bracelet would be the right choice. The bracelet shown here is a lovely Siam Nielloware sterling silver piece which dates before 1939. It is simple and just lovely.

What about the girl who is all about glamour? Bling! A glamour girl loves bling, and usually lots of it. Rhinestone jewelry, particularly vintage rhinestone jewelry is perfect for a lady who loves to dress up and make a statement with her appearance. Big Rhinestone brooches are very popular right now and come in all colors of the rainbow. Check out this wonderful blue and green flowered rhinestone brooch. It is to die for and superbly made with all prong set glass rhinestones.

Is the person a dog or cat lover? There are loads of jewelry items with just these themse. Most of the well known designers of vintage jewelry make what is called a "figural pin." This is a pin or brooch made in the shape of an animal, bird, even small circus clowns and other thematic shapes. Gerry's made a wonderful poodle dog pin for the poodle lover. It looks like it is ready to play!

If you follow these tips, you will end up with a gift that will not only be appreciated, but worn, over and over again - giving years of pleasure to both of you!

All of the pieces shown are available from our main site Vintage Jewelry Lane. With Valentine's day in just over a month, now is the time for shopping!

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