Monday, January 19, 2009

The Healing Powers of Jewelry - Copper and Arthritis

I have a fascination for all things metaphysical. I read my horoscope, enjoy a tarot reading, meditate every day. Some of my interests are for fun, and some are part of my spirituality.

I have a strong conviction that the mind is capable of healing all sorts of diseases and ailments. I have used various healing techiques with success on more than one occasion in my life. So, when I started my jewelry blog, it was natural for me to start researching the healing qualities associated with various gemstones and jewelry.

Copper has long been associated with various healing qualities, particularly in the treatment of arthritis. The legends of using copper as a form of pain relief dates back some 10,000 years. Copper is a wonderful conductor of electricity and heat, so many believe in copper's power to heal the mind and body, based on these energy conducting properties. The metal also lends itself to spectacular jewelry design techniques such as this stuning Mohawk Trail Native American copper bracelet design.

During the 1970s, the use of copper as a healing agent began to increase in the US. In addition to the relief of pain from arthritis, copper is also thought to promote the smooth function of the glands, to alleviate cramps, reduce inflammation, aid in blood circulation, and to ensure that the joints remain in good condition.

Notable early designers of vintage copper jewelry are Rebajes, Matisse and Renoir. Both have resource books devoted to their designs. One particular book on my wish list at is Copper Art Jewelry: A Different Luster.

My website Vintage Jewelry Lane has a whole page devoted to vintage copper jewelry. My latest acquisition is this lovely copper leaf set by Matisse. This pretty set is an outstanding example of the enamel on copper jewelry produced during the 1960s. It is a book piece featured in both Copper Art Jewelry and Julia Carroll's book Collecting Cosutme Jewelry 101. All pieces are signed and it is in wonderful condition with very little wear. You can add this to your vintage jewelry copper collection for $110.00.

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