Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jewelry and Dream Interpretation

Okay, I admit it. I like astrology and other metaphysical subjects. The other night when I was surfing the web, I found a neat site that talks about various paranormal subjects. I came across a neat site called It is an A-Z of Paranormal, Supernatural and Unusual Phenomena. One area of the website deals in dreams and makes an attempt to interpret objects or themes in them.

The site is just for fun, but I had a look to see if they had any interpretation for jewelry items in dreams. The site had an easy to navigate dream dictionary in alphabetical order. I checked a few jewelry terms and found some interpretations for the following jewelry items.

Jewelry: To dream of broken jewelry, denotes keen disappointment in attaining one's highest desires. If the jewelry be cankered, trusted friends will fail you, and business cares will be on you.

Ring: To dream of wearing rings, denotes new enterprises in which you will be successful. A broken ring, foretells quarrels and unhappiness in the married state, and separation to lovers. For a young woman to receive a ring, denotes that worries over her lover's conduct will cease, as he will devote himself to her pleasures and future interest. To see others with rings, denotes increasing prosperity and many new friends.

Necklace: For a woman to dream of receiving a necklace, omens for her a loving husband and a beautiful home. To lose a necklace, she will early feel the heavy hand of bereavement.

Bracelet: To see in your dreams a bracelet encircling your arm, the gift of lover or friend, is assurance of an early marriage and a happy union. If a young woman lose her bracelet she will meet with sundry losses and vexations. To find one, good property will come into her possession.
Earrings: To see earrings in dreams, omens good news and interesting work is before you. To see them broken, indicates that gossip of a low order will be directed against you.

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