Monday, April 6, 2009

Vintage Jewelry as Wedding Reception Gifts - Creative use of Vintage Jewelry

I woke up this morning to some a large sale of many items from my websites. Of course, I sell things from my sites all the time, but the special thing about this sale was the note that the buyer included to me with her order.

Judith from Texas stated that the jewelry was going to be used at an upcoming wedding as wedding reception gifts and favors for women who would be attending the wedding and their daughters. She plans to use the opportunity as a teaching moment about the value, construction and durability of vintage jewelry.
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Her ideas are just fabulous. She told me that she intends to have the items placed on to the place cards at the ladies’ seats. The precious ones, (two stunning Matisse and Renoir Copper and Enamel sets and a few other "special sets") will be in little wicker baskets with bows on top that match the colors of the wedding.

Judith has done this for Baby Showers and Bridal Showers too! When she did this, she had shoes and rice for the Bridal Shower and had little tiny doll shoes with rice in them, with tissue and the jewelry piece sitting inside.

She said that she has also used wonderful vintage jewelry pieces for boy tea parties and Red Hat Society luncheons for the retirement home where her mother lived. Her imagination seems to have no bounds and she has given me all sorts of ideas for my website pages.

What unique and wonderful ideas! And how well the bridal idea goes along with the old saying (but with a twist) "Something old, something new..." I often get customers who email me and ask if I have 10 or 12 or more of a single piece that they can use as wedding favors for their bridesmaids. Since I sell unique vintage jewelry and most often don't have duplicates, I have to deny their request.

But Judith made the purchase of these items so special. Each recipient at the upcoming wedding will have a piece chosen especially for them and no one else at the wedding will have the same gift. How special is that?

Today's purchase showed a fondness for Damascene jewelry, Sarah Coventry named pieces and Siam Sterling Nielloware among other categories. Do you have a wedding coming up? Please consider taking a page from this thoughtful customer's wedding planner and consider vintage jewelry for your guests or wedding party. They will love you for it! Visit Vintage Jewelry Lane today to start making selections for your guest list.

If your taste in bridal gifts tends to run more to the clear rhinestone and crystal or pearl style of jewelry, you can also find unique gifts for your guests or wedding party on my new Vintage Bridal Jewelry Page at Vintage Jewelry Lane. (Judith's message to me was so inspiring that I added a new page to my website!

Do you have an interesting story about your creative use of vintage jewelry, or a special idea for your purchase? Please share with me. You may be featured in my next chapter of the creative uses of vintage jewelry.

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