Saturday, April 25, 2009

Raquel Welch Jewelry Line

Raquel Welch has a line of Jewelry which she sold on the Home Shopping Network . Her collection combines 18-karat gold, sterling silver and precious & semi-precious gemstones to create jewelry that has a classic look which has contemporary overtones.

The key pieces in her line include a signature "R" inlaid in 18-karat gold on the back. The collection reflects her "love for elegant designs that women will cherish for a lifetime." Pieces in the line range in price from $99 to $699 and, reflect the elegance and sophistication of Raquel.

I recently aquired a demi parure from her collection which is pictured here. It is a very striking piece, set in raised goldtone metal with alternating areas of white enamel. The set features a very large pendant necklace and matching bracelet. It has the classic Raquel hang tag as a marking. Since her line was discontinued in 2004, the pieces are not easy to find and that makes them more special and desireable.

This lovely Raquel Welch necklace and bracelet set is available from my Carolina Collections Vintage Jewelry store for $55. You can even make an offer on the set and perhaps aquire it for a little less.

Her designs are very striking and bold, and this set demonstrates that beautifully.


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  3. Raquel's jewelry line was discontinued in 2004.

  4. thanks. I've revised my blog post to include this info.

  5. When did Raquel first start selling jewelry and and in what price range. I have a necklace that is marked Raquel, and am wondering if this is one of her pieces. Very high quality and well made. Thanks!

  6. Hi, I think the line was introduced in 2003 but the line only lasted for a few years, and was discontinued. I believe the pieces marked Raquel are from that line.

    Prices varied from $99 to about $700. They were mainly sold on the Home Shopping Network.




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