Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jewelry Find of the Week - Vintage Bakelite Dress Clips

Bakelite jewelry is so collectible. It is earthy and comes in a variety of colors. But beware, much of the bakelite sold on the internet is neither vintage nor true bakelite. There are lots of articles about how to test for bakelite content, but I find that once you have handled it a few times, it has a "feel" to it that alerts you to test.

Vintage Jewelry Lane has just aquired a couple of dress clips. One is the chocolate leaf shown here. It's a lovely rich shade with a rust colored vein running down the center and nice detailing. This chocolate brown bakelite dress clip is available for only $39.99.

Another find is this pretty apple green bakelite dress clip. I love the translucency of this clip and the pretty flecks of yellow spashed through the bakelite. It has a nice dome and curves down to a point. This pretty clip is available for $45.99.

Both pieces are genuine bakelite. I've tested them with both 409 and Simichrome polish and they test positive in both cases.

Dress clips were popular in the middle of the last century. Try clipping them to the V of your sweater or blouse or onto the lapel of a jacket. If you wear hats, you could clip them on the brim. Be creative. Dress clips are not just for dresses!

Be sure to visit my Vintage Jewelry resource library on Vintage Jewelry Lane. I have written an extensive article on the history of Bakelite and Catalin and how to test for authenticity. There are many tests that you can use and I've spelled them all out in detail for you.

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