Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jewelry and Astrology - Taurus

This blog post is another in my series about choosing jewelry suitable for individual star signs. Taurus is the star sign for those born between April 21 and May 20. Since this is my star sign, it is a special job to help you choose a jewelry gift for your Taurus friend. Today starts the new star season, so this post will help you with some jewelry choices for this star sign.

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Those born under the sign of the bull are said to be very patient and reliable. They tend to excel in business, are somewhat introverted but social and pay a great deal of attention to detail. On the negative side, they can be stubborn. over indulgent and somewhat self centered.

To get a clue about what sort of Jewelry to choose for your Taurus friend let's have a look at some of these Zodiac facts about the star sign:
  • Their astrological color is green
  • Gemstone is the blue sapphire and diamond
  • Flower is the daisy or rose
  • Symbol is the bull
  • Lucky numbers are 1 and 9
  • Lucky color is blue
  • Best location is someplace quiet.
Combining some of these traits leads me straight to this lovely pair of earrings from Sarah Coventry called "Daisy Time." They have 9 stones, are both green and blue and are daisies. They are just perfect! These earrings are book pieces from the 1970s and are available on my Lane site for only $15.25.

Diamonds may be out of the picture for your price range, but clear rhinestone jewelry might be a perfect replacement for your Taurus friend. They give the same sparkle and fire of diamonds without the hefty price tag. This pretty diamante rhinestone pin combines the look and the lucky number 9 since it has 9 perfectly set clear rhinestones in a domed setting.

This lovely pin has a riveted back construction which dates it to about the 1950s. It's available for only $17.99.

Do you want to combine the favorite location (someplace quiet) and the astrological color into a gift for your Taurus friend? I've met many Tauruses who like to mediatate. This green Oriental bamboo pendant necklace may be just the gift idea.

The styling of it fits right into the meditation mood and the color is perfect. It's also available on Lane for $17.99. It's a big piece measuring 3 3/4" long and has a lovely Oriental inscription on it.

Be sure to check back next month when I will talk about jewelry for the star sign Gemini. Check out my Vintage Jewelry Mall and Carolina Collections Vintage Jewelry for a full range of Zodiac jewelry.

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