Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today's Vintage Jewelry Color - Blue

I live in the Southeast US, and it gets very muggy and humid during the summer months. My favorite time of the year is spring because the sky here is a vivid blue. I woke up today to a lovely blue sky, so have decided to talk about blue jewelry.

Other colors are easy to find in vintage jewelry, since enamels are often used in flower jewelry, but there aren't too many blue flowers, so most blue jewelry tends to be beaded or rhinestone. And meridian blue is one of the favorite coatings for aurora borealis rhinestones, so blue jewelry can be quite plentiful to find.

This stunning Hostess gift set from Sarah Coventry is called "Blue Lagoon," and conjures up visions of tropical ponds and swaying palm trees to me. I was fortunate to aquire two sets of this lovely set for my Vintage Jewelry Lane website. One has already sold but the other is still available for $89.99. It is the most coveted of all the Sarah Coventry demi parures.

I went on a hunt in my stores to see what other pretty blue jewelry is available. Here are some choices for you to admire. They are all available at my Lane site at very affordable prices. Just click the pictures to go to the listings for details:

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