Friday, April 3, 2009

Monogram Jewelry - Such a Personal Choice!

Monogram jewelry is really personal. It is available in either your full name or just with various initials which relate to the first letter or letters of your name.

Most monogram jewelry is fairly simple. The idea is not to dazzle so much as to just make a little identity statement. And if you choose the initial style, it can work for a variety of different names.

This pretty V pin with a beaded setting would be perfect for anyone called Victoria, Valerie, Vivian, Vera, Violet or Velma. And with the recent popularity of men's brooches, even Vincent or Victor could be seen sporting it on the lapel of his jacket. It is simple, but anything other than ordinary!

My store Vintage Jewelry Mall specializes in all types of thematic jewelry and has a page devoted to just monogram jewelry. Be sure to check soon to see if we are currently featuring your name.

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