Saturday, August 1, 2009

Name and Initial Jewelry - A Special Gift Idea

Buying jewelry as gifts can be a little difficult at times. Will it be their taste? Will they like the color and style? Sometimes, it seems as though the choices are enormous and one never seems to know just what to pick.

Here is a gift idea - Monogram Jewelry. This style of jewelry comes in all types - necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pins. You can choose the first initial of the person's name, the full monogram with all names or, in some cases, even the whole name spelled out.

Some of the pieces of monogram jewelry are done in plain goldtone or silvertone metal and some are jazzed up with rhinestone or enamel accenting. There is sure to be something for all styles and tastes.

A special type of monogram jewelry features pieces with the word mother, madre, or mom spelled out. This would make a great gift for your mother. Most vintage jewelry designers made monogram jewelry. Sarah Coventry has a whole line called "Sarah's ABCs" which is very popular with collectors.

Here are a few choices, or you can visit the links above to see the whole selection at my Vintage Jewelry Mall or Carolina Collections stores. Click the pictures for more information. Prices range from $6.75 to $15.99.

Be quick. This type of jewelry sells out fast and I only have one of each piece.

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