Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jewelry and Astrology - Virgo

This blog post is another in my series about choosing jewelry suitable for individual star signs. Today's astrological sign is Virgo, which is the sign for those born between August 23-Septempber 22. The sign is depicted as a Virgin and it is an earth sign. The ruling planet is Mercury.

Zodiac Logo courtesy of zodiac-signs-astrology.com/

Those born under the sign of the Virgo are said to be shy and modest. They are methodical, and analyze every aspect before making a decision. They are practical in matters concerning money. On the negative side, it is thought that they can be too analytical and too perfectionist. They tend to worry too much, even about trivial matters. This is the sun sign that likes all their ducks in a row!

Here is a short poem that typifies the Virgo personality:

Critical Virgo

Who criticizes all she sees;

Yes, e'en would analyze a sneeze?
Who hugs and loves her own disease?
Humpf, Virgo!

Thinking about buying jewelry for your Virgo friend and don't know where to start? Let's examine some of these zodiac facts for a bit of inspiration.

  • Their primary color is blue, particularly navy blue
  • Their birthstone is sapphire, jasper. carnelian, moss agate, or jade
  • Their lucky numbers are four and eight
  • They love all brightly colored small flowers, particularly those that are blue or yellow
Here are a couple of pieces which might suit your Virgo friend:

This pretty set of interchangable flower pins by contemporary designer Joan Rivers would appeal to the small flower lover in her and the color blue as well.

This pretty necklace by Sarah Coventry is called Park Avenue and features a navy blue curved front to it, which is the lucky color for Virgos.

What would your Virgo friend like for a gift?

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