Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today's Vintage Jewelry Color - Green

Green grass, fresh new sprouts, leafy greens and vegetables - all of these green colors are so earthy and soothing. So, too, is the color green in jewelry. I've always thought of green as a healing color, so I just feel good when I wear green jewelry.

Green is often used as an accent on enamel pins - flower pins use it as enameling for leaves, and of course red and green are used all the times as Christmas colors, and green is used by itself as a color for St. Patrick's day jewelry.

So, I went on a hunt through my stores to see what I have for just plain green. It was kind of hard to find it as a single color. I kind of felt like Kermit the frog - "it's not easy being (just) green!"

Here are a few of my finds - they calm me just looking at them:

And my favorite - just in time for spring is this gorgeous green butterfly rhinestone pin. It is available in my Carolina Collections Vintage Jewelry Store for only $39.99. But hurry in - I only have two of them!

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