Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fashion Color Predictions for Spring 2009

As predictable as clockwork, each season, the world of fashion gets inspired by a new array of colors, and these colors are what we eventually see in stores.

The color forecasts were released for Spring 2009 a few months ago and the fashion experts agree that what we can expect is a palette of colors that will bring to mind freshness and new beginnings, just as the spring flowers do in nature.

This spring, the colors will be bright, as designers will try to incorporate vibrant colors, mixed with some translucent and neutral tones for balance. Many of the low key hues have been pulled from nature, and the new spring trends should mix well with existing colors already in your wardrobe.

Yellow, slate gray, deep fuschia and bright blue make the top ten list, along with some softer colors such as rose pink, neutral beige and lavender. Citrus green and bright yellow seem to be some top contenders too.

The good news for jewelry is that these colors are found in abundance in all styles of vintage jewelry. Be sure to check my stores for some colorful jewelry to add to your new spring wardrobe. If you use the color chart above, you can't go wrong!

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