Friday, October 16, 2009

Memory Wire Wrap Bracelets - Make a Fashion Statement!

Readers of my blog know that I love glass jewelry of all types. It is colorful, feels substantial and so cold to the touch and has such an earthy feel about it. Also, glass jewelry is very undervalued, in my opinion, when one considers the price of glass beads.

Memory wrap bracelets often use glass beads and depending on the length of the wire used, can be quite a fashion statement when worn. Some of them end up several inches wide, depending on your wrist size.

My online stores all have glass memory wire bracelets for sale. The one featured here is from my Vintage Jewelry Lane shop and consists of a fabulous combination of cloisonné enamel and faceted glass beads. The price is $22.99, and it is just stunning in both color and design. I don't normally think of burgundy and red matching well together, but on this bracelet, the combination just works for me.

Feeling creative? Why not try your hand at making one of these? Head off to Michael's, get some memory wire, and glass beads and use your imagination. You'll end up with a lovely hand made creation.

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