Monday, October 19, 2009

Jewelry and Astrology - Scorpio

This blog post is another in my series about choosing jewelry suitable for individual star signs. Today's astrological sign is Scorpio, which is the sign for those born between October 23-November 21. The sign is depicted as the scorpion and it is considered a water sign.

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Scorpios have very magnetic and dynamic personalities. They are generally well liked and can have a soothing affect on those around them. People born under this star sign tend to be very creative and inventive and excel in professional careers such as medicine chemistry and physics. On the negative side, they can be jealous and resentful, somewhat compulsive and obsessive, as well as being secretive and obstinate.

Thinking about buying jewelry for your Scorpio friend and don't know where to start? Let's examine some of these zodiac facts for a bit of inspiration.
  • Their special color dark red
  • Their lucky numbers are 3 and 5
  • The gemstones associated with this birth sign are topaz and opals
  • Scorpios love all types of flowers, including geraniums, black-eyed Susans, gardenias and many other types.
  • Their best location is near the water
Let's combine some of these traits and see what we can come up with for gifts that might please your Scorpio friend.

Since their lucky numbers are three and five, how about choosing a multi strand necklace for them with this number of rows of beads? My Carolina Collections Jewelry Shop has a lovely range of 3 and 5 strand beaded necklaces.

How about this goldtone Scorpio bracelet? It is a clamper style and features a cute scorpion charm dangle and is available at the give away price of $4.99 from Vintage Jewelry Mall.

Dark Red? That is an easy one. All of my stores have a lovely range of red jewelry to choose from. How about this blood red rhinestone brooch that incorporates both their color and their love of flowers. It's available on Vintage Jewelry Lane for only $18.99

Since Scorpios love to be near the water, they would probably appreciate any piece of jewelry with a nautical theme.

Finally, here is a Georgian poem which depicts the Scorpio personality well:

Who keeps an arrow in his bow,
And if you prod, he lets it go?
A fervent friend,
a subtle foe-Scorpio!

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