Monday, February 9, 2009

Juliana Jewelry - Verifications are in!

In a later blog post, I will be doing an article about Juliana Jewelry - one of the most collectible designer brands of vintage jewelry. The problem with Juliana is that the pieces were never hallmarked - they only had paper tags which were often discarded.

If you look on ebay, you will find hundreds of pieces of jewelry described every day, for sale as authentic Juliana, which are not genuinely those of this designer. So what is a collector to do?

There is a wonderful site which accepts photo submissions of pictures of pieces that the sender wants to verify. The site them submits them to Mr. DeLizza, who was one of the original founders of DeLizza and Elster who made Juliana Jewelry. Mr Delizza either verifies or denies the authenticity of the piece. Each verification process is done in an album, and then the results are announced. Last month I submitted these earrings for verification. They have many of the Juliana design techniques, so I was hopeful they were genuine.

I will never list an item as Juliana unless it has been verified, or unless it has the design techniques which make it unmistakably Juliana. I find some jewelry types easy to identify - some types of bracelets and earrings are had to miss. But, I find that earrings are very hard to identify, so I recently submitted a pair for verification. Alas - they were not.

The latest verification page is in - you will find Juliana Verification album 13 here. My earrings are #55 and are labeled as not D & E. Never fear though - I have four more pieces, including three pairs of earrings and a set that I am going to submit soon.

The site asks that you do research about Juliana before you submit an item for verification. There are some specific design techniques that should be part of the piece submitted. I'll go into all these later and will also give you the submission procedure at that time. In the meantime, enjoy the verified pieces in the album 13. You will be able to see why Juliana jewelry is so desireable and highly collectible.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the great comment! Your jewelry looks amazing, what a great site.