Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jewelry Find of the Week - Matisse Renoir California Dreaming Set

Renoir was a California Jewelry Company who manufactured between 1946 and 1964. They specialized in solid copper jewelry featuring the Arts and Crafts style. Their pieces are distinctive with superior designs and of very high quality. Matisse was a subsidiary company which was establised in 1952 - often using copper with colorful enamel. Matisse Renoir pieces are highly collectible and much sought after.

I have recently aquired a wonderful Matisse Renoir Demi parure from the series called "California Dreaming." The name is so apt. Imagine yourself sunning on a beach in Surfside with fluffy power puff clouds floating overhead as the sun beats down on the surf and sand. The fine grains of the sand around you glisten in the morning sun and pick up the colors which abound.

This visual image describes my set beautifully. All of the pieces feature tiny bits of fused glass and enamel in a power pink color baked onto a copper background. The necklace is 16" long tip to tip and 7/8" wide and the earrings are 1" wide and have clip backs.

These are book pieces featured in the Book "Copper Art Jewelry," by Matthew L. Burkholz and Linda Lichtenberg Kaplan. The book makes note of the fact that very few of these sets remain in good condition, since they were not as durable as the kiln-hardened enamel work for which Matisse Renoir is so famous.

My set is in wonderful condition and would make a great addition to your Matisse Renoir copper collection. The California Dreaming Set is available from my Vintage Jewelry Lane set for $179.99. You can view close up pictures and more details of the set on the site.


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