Saturday, January 10, 2009

What would you like to see for articles in my blog?

I was talking to a dear friend of mine the other day and mentioned that I had been doing a vintage jewelry blog. She isn't someone who wears much jewelry and isn't that interested in talking about it. Her comment was "you have picked the hardest topic to blog about!"

I started thinking about topics for posts and had literally hundreds and hundreds of ideas in my head. But I love jewelry of all types, especially vintage jewelry.

I admit it...I love to talk (and type.) However, there may come the day when I actually do run out of blog topics. So.....

Email me with your jewelry question, or put it in the comments section below, and I'll be happy to research it and write it in a future post. It can be anything jewelry related, and doesn't have to be just about vintage jewelry, although I admit I don't know as much about newer jewelry.

Perhaps your question will be featured next!

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