Monday, January 12, 2009

Creative Use of Christmas Tree Pins!

I love Christmas. I am the original Christmas fairy. I go all out in the decorating department each year and have a huge collection of Christmas collectibles. One of my favorite types of jewelry is also the Christmas tree pin.

I have heard of people doing very creative things with these pins. Some people put them into shadow boxes. Some people use ones with broken clasps and other problems to make into Mosaic Christmas tree decorations.

But never have I seen such a creative use of the pins as that which a customer of mine told me about. Adam Wide from the UK - magician, then comedian and now creative consultant for many large organizations, such as the Dubai multimillion dollar theme park - Global Village, uses his pins in a unique fashion.

Every year, Adam conducts a small group of comedians who go out Christmas carol singing around the nobby, trendy market ares of London for a charity called "Crisis at Christmas." This charity does its part to make sure that homeless people in Londan to have a good Christmas day. This past Christmas, the charity raised over £1,850 from their "enthusiastic, but often terrible four-part harmony singing", as he puts it.

Here is Adam, on his Harley Motorcyle all dressed up like Santa Claus. He tells me that his scarf weighs a ton and has 150 Christmas tree pins on it.

Adam started collecting Christmas tree pins on a previous trip to Copenhagen, in 1984, where he got his first tree. This YouTube video of him as Clarence with Babs as Joy Pickles is an entertaining look at some of his comedy. If you look very closely in one of the frames, you can just see the original Copenhagen pin.

His collection of Christmas tree pins was 750 at the last count, (before his recent purchase from me of several more). He also sent me a photo of some of the other pins in his collection. It is massive and very impressive.

I would dare to say that this Santa Claus certainly causes quite a stir. Santa with Glitz!

Vintage Jewelry Lane and Carolina Collections Vintage Jewelry both have a huge range of Christmas tree pins for sale. Your collection may not be as large as Adam's but one can always dream!

Do you have an interesting story to tell about jewelry? Please email me with details and you may be featured as my next customer of note.

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