Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vintage Jewelry Designer - Who Am 1?

Time for some fun again. This is another in my ongoing guessing game blog about vintage jewelry designers. I'll give you some clues and pictures and you see if you can guess which designer it is. Ready?

Here are your clues:
  • Dates of operation were 1937-1966 in the US
  • Design Studio in Greenwich, New York
  • Born in the Spain
  • All Pieces hand crafted and unique
  • Jewelry shows artistic and cultural influences
  • Considered a master of Copper Jewelry
  • Pieces are very collectible
Here are two pictures of my designs:

I am considered a high end designer of copper jewelry. I returned to Spain in 1967 and continued making jewelry until my death in 1990. I am considered the star of the Modernist jewelry movement.

For more information and the answer to today's riddle, you can go to this designer page of the resource library on my website Vintage Jewelry Lane. (answer is also shown reading backwards at the bottom of this blog post.)

I'll be doing more of these riddles over the next weeks and months. Have fun with the series. ANSWER: (read it backwards): sejabeR


  1. I never would have guessed, not in a zillion

    1. This is a hard one. Most people who love copper might guess Renoir. Rebajes is more obscure but also more collectible. (his pieces cost more.)

  2. Interest in vintage Designer Jewelry heightened in the last few years as greater attention focused on the investment-worth, and, design exclusivity offered by estate pieces. Estate jewelry, specifically fine pieces, tends to hold its value, or, even appreciate over time. The 18k yellow gold chain that you’ve held onto for the last decade is, in most cases, worth more today than the day you bought it; and if it’s signed, you may have just bolstered the rate of return on your initial investment two-fold. High quality vintage is quickly becoming the delicacy of the jewelry world as rarity in quantity and design, make it an increasingly exclusive commodity.