Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Heart Stoppers - The Latest Heart Jewelry for Valentine's day

Have a Heart for Valentine's day

Valentine's day will be here before you know it.  It is a day to show your love in many ways.  How about one of these pieces of heart jewelry?

The heart has long been used as a symbol of the human spirit at its core.  At one time it was believed to be the seat of the human soul.  What better symbol is there to represent love?

In traditional art and folklore, the heart symbol has been a stylized design.  Normally, it is colored red, which suggest both blood and strong passion.  It is the most often seen symbol on Valentine's day cards, as well as those candy boxes that show up in the grocery stores this time of the year.

All of my shops have a lovely range of heart jewelry.  Here are some to tempt the romantic in you.

 From my Etsy store - this lovely heart shaped pin with a single red rhinestone accent.

This lovely pin from Vintage Jewelry Lane has a domed red center surrounded by hearts.

Pretty chunky charm bracelet with heart charms. Very chic!

These unusual earrings have a heart shape and are made from genuine butterfly wings! Very collectible!

For more heart jewelry, please visit Vintage Jewelry Lane.  Our main store has a wide range of heart jewelry in all styles.

What about you readers?  Do you find the heart your favorite symbol of romance, or do you prefer something else?  Please let us know in the comment section below.

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