Friday, May 15, 2009

Just the Cat's Meow - Figural Cat Themed Jewelry

I used to be a cat enthusiast. When my husband and I lived in Australia years ago, we had cats as pets for years. My favorites were the Siamese - we had several of them over the 15 years we lived there. Since returning to the US, we seem to have acquired a fondness for German Shepherd dogs, but that's another story for a later date.

Since I began selling vintage jewelry online over a decade ago, I have come to discover that one of the most popular thematic jewelry line is that featuring cats. These items just seem to fly off the shelves, particularly if they are unusual designs. Sometimes, the designs are wild cats such as this cute Trifari leaping leopard pin featured here, and other times, they are various designs of house cats. All seem to be widely popular.

Most vintage jewelry designers had cat designs in their lines, but several vintage jewelry designers are particularly known for lovely feline figurals. Some that come to mind are JJ (Jonette Jewelry), AJC, AJMC, Danecraft, and others. Trifari, Art, Warner and Coro also had several designs of cats.

Have a look at these cute kittens to see if something makes you purr with delight.

Which one is the cat's meow for you? The cat jewelry is all available for sale from one of my online stores. Just click the pictures to go to the item. Prices are $9.99 to $29.99.

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