Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Murano Glass Jewelry Just Added to my Shops

Murano glass is breathtaking to behold and the process of making it is rather complex. Most
Murano art glass is made by using a lampworking technique. The glass itself is made from silica, which is heated to very high temperatures and then becomes liquid.

As the glass changes from this liquid state to solid, there is a time when it is soft and pliable. The glass maker than then shape the silica material into interesting shapes.

Sometimes the glass has layers of contrasting colors, which are formed by dipping the object into the molten glass and the outer most layer, called the casing, is clear. This type of glass will often be seen with swirls of gold through it called adventurine.

Other times the jewelry is made from Murano glass by making glass canes or rods with multi colored patterns which are visible when the ends of the canes are cut and inserted into a jewelry setting. This process is called "millefiori" which means a thousand flowers in Italian, since the finished process does indeed look like tiny flowers.

Here are a few examples. The last photo is millefiori:

I have a nice range of both types of Murano glass in my Ruby Plaza shop - Jewelry Lane, and also at my main webs store - Vintage Jewelry Lane. The jewelry is all new and comes in many colors and styles at very affordable prices.

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