Tuesday, July 13, 2010

JJ Figural Pins - A Touch of the Whimsical

J.J. is the registered trademark of the Jonette Jewelry Company. It is famous for its quaint figural pins. The designs are very well made - often in pewter or brass, and well above average in quality and detail. Plus they and so whimsical and fun!

Many of their designs are animal based, such as cats and dogs, but by no means are these the only designs featured on the lovely pins. All sorts of figurals are included in their jewelry lines

Here are a few recent additions to my Ruby Plaza shop - Jewelry Lane. Prices are very reasonable - from $12 to $34. Grab one today!


  1. I love JJ pins! They are usually pretty nicely designed and easily accessible - I have quite a few of the cats and dogs. :-)

  2. In the ocean of valuable jewelry it is refreshing to see some feminine and romantic pieces. Every woman gonna feel and LOOK SO special wearing this awesome piece of art!
    A wondrous design. COLOURFUL, VIBRANT and a PROUD piece of art, a piece of heaven