Monday, December 22, 2008

Glass - Very undervalued in the Vintage Jewelry Market

I love glass jewelry - just love it. It has a heavy, cold aspect to it that gives a wonderful feeling when worn. Even just holding it in my hands makes me feel as though I have a piece with value because of the weight.

Vintage Jewelry is known for using glass beads and glass stones. Modern contemporary jewelry uses them too, but many modern pieces use lightweight plastic stones which just don't have the same feel to them.

The good news is that glass jewelry is still relatively inexpensive to purchase. It is gradually going up in price, but there are many pieces that can still be had for decent prices.

Glass jewelry can be found in a myriad of designs. Look for brooches with glass cabochons as the main feature of the design. Many are open backed and some are handpainted.

Necklaces can feature glass in combination with other beads such as lucite or faux pearls, or can be all glass as the case with many crystal clear aurora borealis faceted bead necklaces.

One of my favorite types of glass pieces is called "Milk Glass." It has the weight of normal glass beads, is pure white and can be either smooth or faceted. It is used in many early German and Japanese pieces.

The set featured here is a stunning two strand necklace with matching earrings from Japan in a wonderful design with handknotted milk glass beads. The set is available for only only $39.99 from my Vintage Jewelry Lane website. It would look just perfect with an all black outfit!

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