Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Confused about Jewelry terms?

Cartouche, French Jet, Gilloche, Intaglio - what they heck does this mean? Art Deco, Edwardian , Art Nouveau - to what time period does this refer?

Are you often confused with jewelry terms, time periods and other jewelry information? Well, you are not alone. Many jewelry collectors know basic terminology, but are stuck when it comes to more obscure terms.

I was also out of touch with many terms and other bits of information, so I started researching for myself anytime I came across a word that I had never heard before. I have added a research article to my vintage jewelry website to help out fellow jewelry collectors.

Vintage Jewelry Lane has a wonderful Jewelry Glossary with hundreds of basic and more obscure jewelry terms - all neatly arranged in alphabetical order for ease of finding the information you need.

The glossary deals with mainly terms pertinent to vintage jewelry. Check back later for more glossaries dealing with gemstone identification, costume jewelry information and others.

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