Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jewelry Find of the Week - Matisse Renoir Demi called "Laurel"

I adore copper jewelry. It is right up their in my list of favorite materials, along with sterling silver. And collectors of vintage costume jewelry are well aquainted with the designs of the California designer Renoir.

This fabulous Demi paure by Renoir is called Laurel and is just stunning and in wonderful condition. The design features pure white enamel on the lower layer of copper leaves and a top layer of the most detailed smaller leaves.

The design came in all color combinations but this one is just perfect for summer. It would look wonderful on just about any color outfit.

The fabulous Matisse Renoir copper demi parure is available in my Vintage Jewelry Lane store this week for $105.99. It is signed on all pieces Matisse Renoir.

Renoir was a California Company who manufactured between 1946 and 1964. They specialized in solid copper jewelry of the Arts and Crafts style. The pieces are distinctive with superior designs and of very high quality. Matisse was a subsidiary company which was established in 1952 - often using copper with colorful enamel as this design shows. All Renoir jewelry is popular but Matisse Renoir pieces are very highly collectible and much sought after.

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