Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday's Sterling Silver - Both New and Vintage

To me, there is nothing like the earthiness and patina that sterling silver acquires as it ages and is exposed to the elements.

Some like their sterling silver like new with a great shine, but I love the aged look more.

My stores have a great selection of all types of sterling silver jewelry, so whichever you prefer, there will be something for every one.  Here is a look at some of lovelies.  For more information, just click on any of the pictures to go to the store.

Lovely marcasite, glass and sterling silver brooch/pendant.  Very Art Deco looking!

Mid Century Anton Michelsen Scandinavian Sterling Silver Brooch and earrings.

Very collectible Stuart Nye Vintage Dogwood Flower brooch and clip earrings.

Millefiori Murano Glass Sterling Silver Earrings By designer Alan K

Fabulous Sterling Silver and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet with a pretty toggle clasp.

I have dozens more sterling silver designs at Vintage Jewelry Lane.  Hope to see you there soon.

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