Friday, September 7, 2012

My Items are a Hit on Hand Picked Listed at Bonanza

I love Bonanza's hand picked lists.  It is a really nice way for sellers to showcase other seller's items.  Each of the hand picked list has a theme and the person who puts it together looks around on Bonanza to see who has items that will fit into the list.

I am honored that three of my items were selected for three different hand picked lists.  Here are the items.  Below each one is a link to the list itself, so that you can see the other sellers items too!

From the list Bel-Air Garage Sale #22 by seller Rustyreds

From the list Peaches and Cream by seller NewLeafChic

From the List Blue Crush by seller dollpassion_paris

Would love it if my readers would visit the lists and make comments below the pictures.  Doing this gives the list a chance of making it to the main Bonanza page!  Thanks...


  1. I am searching fashion jewelry blogs for last 3 hours. I have found many interesting and impressive blogs and your post is also one of best blogs. I really liked Peaches and Cream design in the above.

  2. Thanks so much for the kind comment!