Monday, September 19, 2011

Feather Jewelry Continues to Set Trends

Each season, there seems to be some new style or material in jewelry that takes off and becomes a fashion trend. For the last few seasons, it has been feathers and fur. And this fall will be no exception. Feathers are still prominent on the fashion runways, and my suppliers are offering more and more of it each time I go to see what is new.

Feather jewelry was confined to mainly earrings for the spring and summer season, but this fall, I am seeing necklaces, sets, rings, bracelets, earlaces, (another new trend which is very popular), and of course lots and lots of styles of earrings.

Here are a few styles to give you an example of what is available. You can also head on over to Jewelry Lane at Ruby Plaza, or my ebay store for really large selection which changes daily.


  1. That's the fashionista necklace which celebrities accessories too. It is so famous and very well known. Thanks for posting !

  2. Thanks for a great post, and a wonderful site as well!
    I noticed this trend, and am thrilled. I've been making jewelry since the mid-70s, and one of the first things I made was feather earrings. I got teased by some (men, mainly) about the fishing lure connection, but it was all in fun. But, they sold and I was happy. I started out by giving a pair to each of my girlfriends in high school, who wore them and when people asked where they got them, they were referred to me.
    Now I see them all over the place, and have been getting the urge to make them again. Everything recycles eventually :-)