Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love Tokens - Lockets - Timeless Treasures in a small Design

As many women have discovered, a locket is a wonderful place to keep a tiny memento of a loved one all wrapped up in a pretty jewelry design.

There are so many styles and shapes now. Gone are the days of only wearing a heart shape around your neck with a picture of your child. Let your imagination go wild. Today's styles are all shapes and sizes, sometimes even shaped like animals or hand painted with pretty floral motifs. I even have one that opens up to the shape of a shamrock for good luck!

If a memento isn't what you would like to place in your locket, then a perfume locket may be just the thing for you. These pretty designs hold a solid perfume block so that you can add scent on the go. I have one in my Ruby Lane shop in a ring design instead of a necklace.

Here are a few designs from my Ruby Plaza Shop - Jewelry Lane. I am partial to flowers, so I love the hand painted ones. Which are your favorites?