Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trifari Patent Pending Vintage Jewelry

Collectors of vintage jewelry are well aquainted with the designer marking Trifari. However, there is a special Trifari marking which may make your piece especially valuable and desirable to collectors.

Early Trifari pieces were often marked Trifari Pat Pend in block letters. This marking was used on pieces made from 1932 to 1954. This mark was used mainly on pieces which were designed by well known head designer Alfred Philippe, who joined the Trifari company in early 1930.

He is considered a top craftsman and previously worked for Cartier and Van Cleef and Arples. The brooch shown here is a design from 1953 and is typical of the Trifari Pat Pend styles from the 1950s with the clear diamante rhinestones and swirling metal style. It's available at Vintage Jewelry Lane for $54.99.

This early Trifari jewelry is very collectable and some pieces are now very hard to find. Pieces marked with the pat pending mark command higher than normal prices for Trifari jewelry.

If you have a piece marked Trifari Pat Pending, there is a website which has photos of all Trifari design patents, with details of the designer and dates of the patent. This site is a great resource to help you identify and date Trifari patented jewelry by Alfred Philippe.

Here are some more Alfred Philippe styles. Aren't they lovely? You can click the photos for more details and additional photos.


  1. beautiful, nice article I collect and sell Trifari jewelry so this is very helpful to me

  2. Thanks for the post. It was very helpful.

  3. I love your site. It is very informative and I am grateful. As long as I can remember I've loved buying vintage jewelry. I recently opened an accessory boutique and I redesign broken vintage pieces. I recently purchased a beautiful bow choker with a small rhinestone on the end. It is stamped Trifari patent pending. SO EXCITED. Always, SOULBeautiful xx*s