Monday, October 31, 2011

40% of Selected Jewelry Styles - Shop Now for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. Before we know it, black Friday will be here and the Xmas shopping season will be in full force.
But you can start early in my eBay store. I've just reduced a big range of jewelry items, both vintage and new jewelry, to make room for new stock.

The savings are huge - 40% off a wide range of necklaces, earrings, sets and miscellaneous jewelry and many designer signed pieces. As a special bonus, I am also offering FREE shipping for US customers store wide. (International customers, the free shipping will apply if your order is more than $100.)

Here are a few items that are marked down, or visit my eBay store to see the whole selection.

Fabulous Rhinestone Demi Parure - Was $54.99, now $32.99

New Multi strand Necklace Earring set - Was $19.99 - On sale for $11.99

Turquoise Blue Rhinestone Pin - Was $13.99, Now $8.39

Sarah Coventry Fashion Rite Brooch - Was $12.49, Now$7.49

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Selection of Rhinestone Pins in my Ruby Lane Shop

This is the time of the year when the jackets and blazers come out and this makes it the perfect time for the addition of a new rhinestone pin for your collection. Nothing looks better on the lapel of a jacket than a fabulous brooch!

I've just listed a few vintage brooches in my Ruby Lane shop - The Finishing Touch Vintage Jewelry. They are all very affordably priced and have a wonderful array of all sorts of rhinestones in fabulous colors.

Here are a few to whet your appetite. You can view the whole range of rhinestone pins in my Ruby Lane shop. If you can't find one to suit you at the Finishing Touch Vintage Jewelry shope, I also have a large range of rhinestone pins in my Ruby Plaza shop Jewelry Lane too.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hottest New Earring Trend - Basketball Wives Inspired Hoops

If you like reality TV, you are probably a fan of the VH1 Cable Network program called The Basketball Wives. The show features the lives of a group of women who have all been romantically link in some way to professional basketball players.

The designer of the original Basketball wives earrings is POParazzi. But there are now dozens of imitators (at much reduced prices) so the trend has really taken off.

I have just listed a big range of Basketball wives inspired earrings in my eBay store and also in my Ruby Lane store Jewelry Lane.

These earrings are not for the faint of heart. They are big, bold and will make quite an impression when worn. The size is at least 3" for most of the pieces I have listed. In spite of this big size, though, the earrings are not heavy when worn.

Here are a few designs. You can view more by visiting my Jewelry Lane shop.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Royal Opera House - George Balanchine's Jewels

The Royal Opera House in London opened its current season a few weeks ago by presenting George Balanchine's famous Ballet called Jewels. It is unusual in that the ballet doesn't have a romantic theme as many do, but it is a story of three different jewels meant to signify a part of Balanchine's life.

The Ballet is a triptych. Normally the word refers to a work of art which has three panels, but it also aptly fits this production of three separate parts with different composers.

It has been called the first abstract ballet and each part could actually be performed on its own. It was originally created for the New York City Ballet. The first ballet is emeralds, followed by rubies and then diamonds. The three parts feature music by Fauré, Stravinsky. and Tchaikovsky. The costumes are just fabulous, with lots of velvet, and glass stones to imitate the gemstones.

The Royal Opera House has a fabulous video which features the costumes of the ballet and is just fascinating to watch to get a feel of the richness of the production. You can view the video at this link: Royal Opera House Jewels Costumes.

Even though the ballet has nothing to do with jewels and the dancers only wear costumes enhanced by jewels, but I am still moved by the look of the jewels and their relation to the costumes.

This YouTube video of the ballet from an earlier production gives a hint of the emotion of the production. (video has sound if you are watching at work)


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