Monday, October 22, 2012

Step into Autumn with My Networking Friends

It is hard for me to decide which season is my favorite.  Often, it seems to be the one that is yet to come.  I love each season as it starts, and then get tired of dealing with the heat or cold, or whatever downfall a season offers us.

But autumn is one that has always seemed to draw me in and keep me enthused about it.  I remember looking forward each year to the arrival of the autumn JCPenny and Sears catalogs.  I come from a very small town and there were not many retail stores.  Getting that catalog always inspired me.  To this day, I think of those days when the temperatures start getting colder.

My network friends and I are doing another blog hop.  I've asked them to share with me something from their stores or blogs which they associate with fall, cool temperatures and changing seasons.

If any of the images appeal to you, just click on them to go directly to their site for more information.  Grab a cup of coffee and join us as we "step into Autumn."

Thanksgiving Wreath, Pumpkin Wreath, Harvest Wreath, Fall Wreath

Wyndham House Brown Floral Heavy Luxury Blanket - 1 Secret Garden Gems Jewelry SALE DrawstringHandbag  Bag REDUCED PRICE Park Fountains Grab and Go....
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Necklace Earring Set

What about you? Do you have a favorite season? Why? Feel free to share your comments below, and pin or tweet any images you like to Pinterest or Twitter.


  1. this is so cool Carol, it and I have to say that I love living in the four seasons have all my life..dont know that I could live not having them..and fall is definetly one of my favorites..thanks so much for this the pictures and thank you for adding mine..

  2. I love the fall. The smell outside, Clean and cool and beautiful colors everywhere. Its sad that the beautiful leaves dont stay that color year around but gives us something to look forward too. I love that you said that you love the catalogs this time of year. Im the same way. I get excited like a kid. My almost grown children just roll their eyes. They dont understand that its still fun to look through places and window shop or walk through toys r us even if there are no little ones. It brings back memories of being young and also gives you insight on what is in style for those of us crafters that live at home like hermits. I may not leave the house for a month and what I wear is so last year. LOL I love your blog and happily joined. Shared with others and wish you many new members. PS: the pie photo made me so hungry. I put it on my grocery list :). Blessings and hugs, Kimberly Idalski

  3. Autumn is so my favorite time of the years the earthy colors are by far my favorite I love the way you captured the colors in the jewelry collections Thank you for adding my piece as well.

  4. Well done Carol! Lovely photos. I am not a big fan of autumn because to me it mean cooler weather. Somehow my old bones don't like cold weather. I do love the colors of autumn. The beautiful warm colors.

  5. Such a wonderful collection. Loving the bracelet at the end.

  6. thank you all for such kind and thoughtful comments. I enjoyed reading them all.

  7. Love your blog. Autumn is my favorite season too.. love all the pics you have here.



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