Thursday, October 25, 2012

30 ways to promote your blog posts.

Pinterest is a great place to share images and is a very popular website.  There are tons of images there with information.  It appears that photos grab the readers attention much more than just plain text.

With that in mind, I am sharing this image from LaunchGrowJoy.

The image is a handy photo with 30 tips for promoting your blog.    Hope it helps.

30 Ways to Promote Your  Blog Posts


  1. Great ideas. I've had my blog 3 months now and I'm up to over 12,000 views today. I was excited. I start using many of these tips. I have friends telling new their badges on my page are gettingvthem hundreds of views. I wonder how to sell spaces for advertisement on a blog. Does anyone know?

  2. You can start by using adsense. It is in your settings for blogger. You choose where you want the ads place and google ads them based on your type of blog.


  3. Great post, great ideas. I love this website. It's my first time on and and I found you through Facebook. All the best ! peace. Jeanne

  4. Thanks Jeanne. Love to have you here!

  5. Carol, thanks so much for posting this on your blog!

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  7. Hey Jeanne ! Thanks for sharing these useful information. Great Tips for creating a jewelry blog i have just started. Good Idea.!



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