Friday, September 14, 2012

How to Get The Most out of Pinterest - 10 Tips

Anyone who is even remotely aware of social networking has to be familiar with the site Pinterest.  For those of you who aren't, my impression of it is that it is a large site which seems like a series of virtual scrapbooks.

It is fun to grab an hour and spend it looking through the other "pins", adding them to your boards and just admiring beautiful things.

I joined quite a while ago, but have not done much with it until recently when I became involved in a networking group.  The question that keeps coming to my mind is "how do I make the best use of the site" from a networking point of view.

I've been researching and reading articles that other bloggers have written about this subject and several suggestions keep getting repeated.

1.  Organize your boards.  Use playful and creative titles and have a good mix of content which is both yours and others.  Be sure to have keywords in the description area for good SEO.   Even thought the image on Pinterest is the main thing, for search engines, the pictures don't count. The KEYWORDS do.  Use them wisely.  

2.  Give credit to the source of the original pin.  Re-pin content from other users for good social interaction.  Check your pins to make sure that the source is legitimate. I can't stress this enough.  As I was experimenting with re-pinning, I discovered that about 50% of the pins either end with a page not found error or link to nothing.  Check your pins.

3.  Link your account to Facebook, Twitter and other sites.  Find friends and followers.   The more you are pinned and commented on, the better your pins will get followed, re-pinned and commented on.  Add Pinterest buttons to your Facebook page and follow me on Pinterest buttons to your websites and blogs to get more followers.

4. Follow, Comment, Like.  Rinse repeat.  Can't say this enough.

5. Remember to be social and polite. Comment on others pins.  Tag with the @ sign and their name. Thank people for pins. All of this will help to get you followers.  Thank people who re-pin you.

6.  Don't just self promote the items that you have for sale.  No one wants to come to your boards to be spammed with product.  Pinterest is a lifestyle site.  Open up and let people discover who you are.  Pins things that interest you,and inspire you, in addition to the products you sell.  People will shop with you if they find that you have something they want to buy, but they don't go there looking to purchase.

7.  To find out what content of yours has been pinned use the following URL:  In place of the word URL, put your website or blog address without the www.

8.  Re - pins are important.  There are some key factors for getting them.
  • taller images are more likely to get re-pinned than wider ones
  • the most pinnable images are those related to food
  • Pins that are "liked" are more popular than those with comments.
  • Pin descriptions about 20 characters long get more re-pins

9.  If you are pinning items which you have for sale, use a good description and add the price with a dollar sign before it. This will put the price on the top left of your pin and place it in the gift drop down browse function if it is pinned recently.

 10. Think about what you would share if you saw it.  Be sure that your photos are clear and of good quality.  Otherwise, you may be having fun, but are just wasting time if networking is your aim.  The best days for Pinterest are supposed to be Thursday and Saturday, so keep that in mind when you do a lot of pinning. This could change at any time, of course.

For me, using Pinterest is a work in progress.  Like everything else connected to my business, I will get out of it what I put into it.  If I take the time to make my boards interesting, then people will want to continue to see what I pin to them.    Hopefully, the same will happen for you.

If you would care to see my boards on Pinterest, you can click the button at the top of the page or right here:

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Happy pinning!


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