Friday, March 16, 2012

Jewelers Choice Awards Winners Named By JCK Magazine

JCK Magazine has a contest every year where retailers in the jewelry industry pick the winners. The contest started in 2008 and has grown in size every year. This year there were more than 300 product entries in several different categories.

It is hard for me to choose my favorites. The winners are all stunning pieces of jewelry, but these are some that I really like:

Best Necklace Category: Over $10,000.
Best Earring Category: $2501-$10,000
Best Bracelet Category: Over $10,000.
Best Bridal Category: Over $10,000.

Best Colored Stone Category (my favorite winner!): Over $10,000.

It appears that I have expensive tastes. My favorites are all from the most expensive section of each category with the exception of the earrings! For a complete list of the winners and pictures visit the JCK jeweler's choice winners page.


  1. Love the yellow diamond engagement ring, so unusual and unique.

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