Friday, July 16, 2010

Yard Sale Hunting Doesn't Pay off for this Ohio Woman as she Hoped it Would

An Ohio woman, Vaneisha Robinson, a 20-year-old amateur boxer, thought her yard sale hunting had really paid off recently. She paid $5 for a box of "junk" at a garage sale about four years ago. In the bottom of that box was a pendant in the shape of James' jersey emblazoned with his jersey number 23 and nickname, "King."

Robinson thought the pendant was just costume jewelry but she had it appraised and certified by International Gemological Institute, which said the diamond-studded, gold jewelry was real and valued at nearly $10,000.

The amateur boxer later put the pendant up for sale on eBay, hoping to use the proceeds to open her own gym.

But her dreams came to an abrupt halt when she got a phone call from Katherine L. Powers, the mother of Maverick O. Carter. Carter is the CEO of LeBron James' marketing company, LRMR. Ms Powers said that James was at her house and wanted to make her an offer on the pendant that she couldn't refuse.

When she got to the house, James wasn't there but eight or nine other people were, and she alleges that they basically accused her, threatened her, and their "offer" was that they were going to get it back anyway they could.

A neighbor called the police after hearing loud yelling coming from the house, and the police later arrived and advised Robinson to get a lawyer. Sgt. James Elchlinger examined the pendant in question and was able to determine that it was a one-of-a-kind item and it did actually belong to Mr. Carter.

Robinson maintains she could not have had the jewelry certified by the I.G.S. if it were stolen property and is vowing to get back what she considers her property.

I bet eBay is the most upset about this situation. Imagine the final value fee on the sale of the piece!

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