Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Layered Necklaces - the Newest Fashion Trend

Layering has been the key to the fashion forecasts for summer and will continue to be popular for the fall of 2010. It seems that anything goes when it comes to layering. Rows and rows of bangle bracelets, and one ring on top of another for a huge look on one finger are just a couple of examples.

Another popular look is tons of necklaces layered together are the newest looks worn by many in the fashion industry. Sarah Jessica Parker is a big fan of this look.

I went to a favorite site of mine called Polyvore. If you haven't tried it lately, you should have a look. You can create all kinds of looks with clothing and fashion accessories just by dragging them into one picture. It's a fun way to spend an hour or so and gives you a good idea whether the accessories you have in mind will look good together. Just fabulous for online shopping where you can't try the items on.

Here is my latest attempt at some Polyvore creations. I layered several necklaces together to give a bunch of look to give you some inspiration.

Big Layered necklacesFashion Trends &  Styles - Polyvore

What do you think of the trend of layering? Like it, or not?

All of my shops have a huge range of necklaces that would work well for layering purposes. Just click any of the links on the top right of this page under my web-stores and then type in necklace and you will find those that you can can choose to start layering your own creation.


  1. Your creations were simply super.I like your trend of layering with necklaces which provides grand look when weared with modern dresses.It shows your hard work with these necklaces.You can Gift it to your beloved ones by placing this layered necklace in a jewelry box types that best suits your necklace.

  2. Layering longer necklaces with shorter ones has been around for a couple of years. This is a great trend since it adds more variety to your current jewelry wardrobe. Not everyone knows how to successfully implement this trend and will stick with the basic one piece.



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