Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reyne Haines Interview on Ladies Vintage Wristwatches

I love the interviews that Collector's Weekly conducts. They are done with a wide variety of collector's of vintage items, including jewelry and are always well written and very interesting.

The latest one which deals with jewelry is an interview with Reyne Haines, a specialist in Art Nouveay glass and Tiffany who has also written a book called "Vintage Wristwatches".

The interview discusses the inspiration for her book, as well as both men's and ladies wristwatch collecting. Reyne also touches on the early wearers of wristwatches and how the designs have changed over the years. Of particular interest was the discussion of designers of ladies wristwatches and the use of jewels in the designs themselves.

You can read the whole interview on this page of the Collector's Weekly website. Reyne's new book is available at Amazon.com or leading book retailers nationwide.

Photo credit: Collector's Weekly

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