Monday, April 5, 2010

Jewelry Recycled From Flatware is a Hit!

With April being a month which is interested in all things earth, I started thinking about recycling and the various creative ideas I have seen with recycling and jewelry. Often, when searching through large estate collections that I purchase, I'll come across some interesting new item. Occasionally, I'll find a piece of jewelry made from an old sterling or stainless spoon, knife or other piece of cutlery.

This style of jewelry is the focus of an interesting site that I just discovered called McFlashpants. This interesting site has a large range of jewelry, all fashioned from recycled table flatware. The site also has a line of what they call "living jewelry", which uses sod filled recycled ginseng bottles and cut off knife handles to which have been added organic herbs such as lemon balm, and chocolate mint.

Here are a couple of items from their interesting range of jewelry.

If you have a creative idea for recycled jewelry, please email me with details and you may be featured on my blog.


  1. Where might someone buy a beautiful piece such as the fork necklace?

  2. There is a link to the site McFlashpants in the article above.




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