Friday, April 23, 2010

Creative Jewelry idea - Broken China Jewelry

I am always on the look out for unusual ideas which designers of jewelry have created. This idea is one I wouldn't have though of, and have never seen before.

The owner of the website Broken China Jewelry, also has another site called Roses and Teacups where they sell china and porcelain products. Their retail site often has various items of broken china which they use in a very creative way - They turn what others would throw away into lovely and very romantic pieces of jewelry.

The sales of their broken china jewelry items benefits an outreach which they have founded called Broken to Beautiful which offers encouragement, resources and opportunities to women trying to get out of domestic violence and sexual abuse. It is nice to see such a wonderful and generous use of broken materials.

The bracelet featured here is a lovely stunning combination of heart shaped charms, pretty glass beads and crystals which make a true work of art.

The site reuses the china pieces to make jewelry of all types from several different designers. There are rings, bracelets, pendants and many styles of necklaces. Have a look around the site today. Your purchase benefits a good cause.


  1. Hi, I've never heard of broken china jewelry - I checked out the site and it is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing this lovely idea! Puppy

  2. I haven't heard of broken china diamond jewelry. I searched out the site.Really it looks so nice. Thanks for sharing.

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