Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2010 MJSA Vision Jewelry Awards Announced

Every year, the MJSA Vision Awards celebrate outstanding talent in the field of jewelry design. The winning designers represent the future of the jewelry manufacturing industry, and the Vision Awards competition showcases their creativity and boosts their careers.

The winners for 2010 have just been announced in these categories:
  • Design Excellence (professional designs with exceptional creativity)
  • Visionary Technical Solution (professionally produced designs in which specific technical challenges—such as combining two non-complementary metals)
  • Distinction Awards (designers working with specific metals or techniques. In 2010, the competition included awards for Gold Distinction Award)
  • Future of the Industry Award (this award recognizes the work of students in jewelry-related programs who exhibit exceptional design talent and creativity)

You can view the complete list of winners on this page of the MSJA website. Here is my favorite from the future of the industry category. This fabulous piece is by Hyangmi Kim and is called "A Waterfall in the Moonlight". The necklace features silver, brass, brass/copper alloy, nickel, sea shells, gold-plated bead wire, silver-plated bead wire, light-emitting diode.

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