Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jewelry That Actually Grows!

I thought I had seen most ways to make jewelry, but this is a new one for me. While searching on google for jewelry made from unusual items, I came across a website called Growing Jewelry.

According to the designer, Hafsteinn Juliusson , the jewelry are limited production handmade designs made in Iceland and all pieces are made from silver and moss.

The site only has a couple of designs, but they may be able to do other styles or sizes upon request.

Taking care of the growing jewelry is important, of course, since it has a natural growing material as part of it. For best results water it only once every 5 weeks and be careful not to water to much. The site says that the moss can stay green for up to 8 - 12 months but doesn't guarantee this.

Here are a couple more of their designs:


Looking for a funky jewelry gift for a nature lover? This may just be it!  What do you think of these designs?  Is this something you would wear?

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  1. Interesting read. Its really a great concept. I really liked it. I think taking care of this jewelry might be some tricky.



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