Monday, December 28, 2009

Going Green - Recycled Jewelry - Bottle Cap Necklaces

The economy is tanking with break neck speed. One only has to turn on the news, or take a trip to the local grocery store and see the rising prices, to discover this. In times like this, thoughts tend to turn to making things last longer and other forms of a green economy.

I thought it might be interesting to start a new feature on my blog which features various types of jewelry which is made from recyled materials. I touched on this last year a few times, with my recycled bicycle parts jewelry, zipper jewelry, and wisdom teeth jewelry stories. Look for more articles like this over the coming year.

To get started, today's green jewelry is made from bottle caps. I found a cute site called Whitney Tate's Mosaics and Gifts. Whitney has a large range of bottle cap necklaces in a huge variety of styles, colors and designs. The styles range from name and initial designs, through animals, seasonal and other motifs. She even makes them in the funky peace sign designs shown here.

Do you have a special variety of jewelry that you make from items that were previously used in other ways? Drop me an email or mention it in the notes section below. Perhaps your jewelry will be featured in my blog in the next article in the series. Be sure to check back soon for other articles in this series.

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  1. Hi carol, my name is Divya N and I design costume jewelry under the brand name Sayuri and have a blog called where I feature a lot of recycled and DIY work. If you are interested plz take a look. If you could share your email address with me, I can send you pictures of a few of my products. Thanks



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