Thursday, November 12, 2009

What was in Audrey Hepburn's Jewelry Box?

Readers of my blog know that I like to take a virtual peek into the various Hollywood star's jewelry boxes from time to time. It gives me a bit of a clue about what is currently hot and trendy in the jewelry market. But for this blog post, I thought it would be fun to go back in time and have a peek inside Audrey Hepburn's jewelry box.

Famous for her roll in Breakfast at Tiffany's in 1961, she is a perfect choice to select for a person interested in early stars who wore what is now considered vintage jewelry.

Audrey Hepburn Photo credit:

Who can ever forget the sweet young English girl, Eliza Doolittle, who was transformed into a lady in the 1964 file My Fair Lady? With her transformation, the unadorned street girl donned a lavish display of jewelry.

Interestingly, Ms. Hepburn was only the third actor to receive $1,000,000 for a film roll. This amount seems paltry today with the millions awarded to other actors and actresses.

Examining the jewelry worn by this famous starlet was a real trip down a virtual vintage jewelry memory lane to me, since the styles are those that are often seen on my vintage jewelry website - Vintage Jewelry Lane.

Romantic pearls, large festoon bib necklaces, tiaras and simple earrings abound in these photographs. Here are a few of her famous choices, many worn in the films for which she became famous.

What really strikes me as ironic is how the styles have somehow recycled and come back into fashion in many cases. As with so many other fashion trends, it appears that nothing really dies in the fashion world!

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