Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today's Creative Jewelry Idea - Zipper Jewelry

I am always looking for new and unusual methods of making jewelry. My love, of course is vintage jewelry, but sometimes I just want to see what is current. I spent some time on google and came up with a very creative design method - Zipper Jewelry. For such a humble beginning, the end product is just gorgeous.

Photo credit:

One of the most creative artists in this medium is Kate Cusak. Kate earned her BFA in 2001 at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She first started working with everyday materials and created costumes and head-dresses. She later went to the Yale School of Drama (my daughter's eventual aim!) and is currently doing studio work creating jewelry from zippers, as well as her costume design. Her jewelry has been featured in various galleries and museum shops across the country.

The design shown here is a fabulous turquoise blue zipper brooch in the shape of a flower. So creative and would make quite a statement when worn!

For more designs from this talented contemporary designer, please have a look at Kate Cusak's website. She has a range of bracelets, necklaces and brooches and they are available in both floral and contemporary designs. They are sure to spark quite a few interesting conversations around the water cooler!

You can also view Kates interesting costume jewelry designs and fabulous head-dresses. Such a creative mind deserves appreciation.

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