Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Nature of Diamonds - Chicago's Field Museum Exhibit

October seems to be the month for jewelry exhibits around the country. I've mentioned many news worthy ones in my blog this month and there are more to come. The latest exhibit is called "The Nature of Diamonds" and will be opening at the Chicago Field Museum on October 23, 2009 and will run through March, 2010.

Nearly 800 exquisite objects, including some of the world’s most stunning gemstones, tell the story of our fascination with the beauty and power of this King of Gemstones - the diamond. The exhibit will explore all aspects of this extraordinary mineral, from its geological origins, to its place in history, art, and adornment, and finally to its uses in modern technology and research.
Photo credit Tiffany and Co Archives

The centerpiece and highlight of this fabulous exhibit is called The Vault. Here, you will discover some of the exhibition’s most breathtaking jewelry from the world’s top designers, including many objects that have rarely been displayed. Also featured in this area of the exhibit will be pieces previously owned by Mae West, Catherine the Great of Russia, Joan Crawford, Elton John, and many more well known celebrities and monarchs.

The piece shown above is The Tiffany Diamond, a large 128.54 carat diamond which is one of the world’s largest and finest fancy yellow diamonds, The design is called “Bird on a Rock” setting is set with white and yellow diamonds, ruby, gold, and platinum.

The Chicago Field Museum has a wonderful walk through for those who must setting for a virtual tour of the exhibit. The walk through has a wealth of information about both diamonds in general and the exhibit items in particular.

If you will be in Chicago, consider yourself very fortunate. This exhibit, set against the backdrop of spectacular jewels and stunning gemstones, will present one of the most all-encompassing, multi-faceted exhibitions ever mounted on the singular subject of diamonds. If any of my readers will attend this exhibit, please share your experience with us!

Here are some more exhibits for those who cannot be there in person:

This voluminous necklace, designed by Dieter Huebner, and sponsored by Brinkhaus Jewelers, is adorned with 2,000 luminous diamonds. The “Milky Way” necklace was designed in 2000 as a celebration and ode to the millennium.

Photo credit: C. Philip Hersey Photographer, Ltd

Virgin of Immaculate Conception - Created in Spain during the early 1600s, this religious piece—a common jewelry motif at the time—is meticulously fashioned with point-cut diamonds, rubies, pearls, gold, and enamel.

Photo credit Roderick Mickens © American Museum of Natural History

Question Mark Necklace - by Boucheron who designed a series of floral “question mark” necklaces. In this 1890 question-mark necklace, a semi-rigid, pavĂ©-set ornament forms a graceful question mark that is designed to sweep around the wearer’s throat and down to the low-cut neckline of a formal evening gown.

Photo credit Katharina Faerber


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