Friday, October 2, 2009

MIchelle Obama Wears Pearls in Copenhagen

Michelle Obama really does love jewelry of all kinds. It's rare to see her appear without some sort of accessorizing going on. Her choices run from the traditional to her unusual use of multiple vintage brooches, and she seems to pull of most of the things she attempts.

The Obamas have been in Copenhagen, Denmark to promote Chicago in the United States as a venue for the Olympics. Unfortunately for Chicago, this isn't going to happen, but we still got another view of Michelle Obama's sense fo style.

While in Denmark, the First Lady met with the IOC president, Jacques Rogge today wearing a blue floral printed skirt and jacket with a navy blue cinched belt in empire waist fashion. To accessorize the outfit, she donned a string of pearls with matching pearl earrings.

Photo credit: Reuters

Ms. Obama has gone a long way towards making pearl jewelry a popular fashion choice again. She wears them often, and they have been selling well from my online stores.

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  1. All praise to the First Lady for her grace, charm and elegance. She does justice to whatever clothes and jewellery she wears but it's the person within that shines through.



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